The Feeney Genealogy Project
3 Sept 2017: Author's DNA results now on 23andMe
18 August 2013: Feeny clan gathering at Morans Pub, Grange, Co. Sligo. Podcast by Western Waves Community Radio available here.

The Feeney Family Genealogy Project was started by Sean Patrick Feeney in 2007 to reconnect an Irish clan who, like many clans, had lost touch and forgotten connections over the centuries. The project's goal is to create a full family tree of the Feeney name going back as far in time as possible. The project also wishes to preserve buildings and landmarks connected with the Feeney family, preserve our ancestors' graves, and strengthen family members' sense of heritage and connection by arranging reunions ("clan gatherings") and newsletters and assisting genealogical, historical and archaeological research.

Contributing Information

Please e-mail me at if you would like to send information that fits into the Feeney genealogy equation or you have a correction or would like to request an omission of yourself or your family from the website.

When sending genealogy information, it is best to split the information into individual units based on couples. The unit should list: 1) Each spouse's name, dates, and parents; 2) Children, their dates, and who they married. Here's a good example. You should also tell me the URL (webpage address) of the page you think the genealogy should go on if I already have a page for that line. Please give dates and locations where possible due to the common naming schemes in the family.